FESS FNSF Meeting April 2016

April 5-7, 2016

FESS FNSF Face-to-Face Meeting
Denver, CO

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FNSF, Where are we?    

C.E. Kessel, PPPL 
FNSF Maintenance Layouts and Scheduled Maintenance Analyses plus Timelines and Availabilities including the Test Modules

Lester Waganer, DOE Consultant
FNSF CAD Layout Development    

Edward Marriott, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nuclear Analysis (Neutronics, Shielding, Activation) L. El-Guebaly, M. Harb, A. Davis, C. Martin, E. Marriott, J. Benzaquen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Liquid Metal MHS Analysis Progress Sergey Smolentsev, UCLA
Initial Safety Assessment for FNSF: Hazards analysis and accident identification

Susana Reyes, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Updating Thermo-mechanical and Electromagnetic Analyses to FNSF Parameters

Jake Blanchard and Carl Martin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Design Issues of DCLL Blankets and Divertor Target Plates

Siegfried Malang
Thermo-mechanics of Blanket and Divertor

Yue Huang, UCLA
FNSF Update on TF Magnets: Winding Pack and Wire Selection

Yuhu Zhai, PPPL
TMAP/MELCORE Modeling Update

Paul Humrickhouse and Brad Merrill, Idaho National Laboratory

Recent Progress on Materials Issue

A.F. Rowcliffe, ORNL

Core Plasma Physics Progress for the FNSF

C.E. Kessel, PPPL
Update on SOL plasma simulations yielding PFC heat fluxes for FNSF

T.D. Rognlien and M.E. Rensink, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tungsten Developments L.M. Garrison, Y. Katoh, L.L. Snead, N. Kiran Kumar, M. Fukuda, Taehyun Hwang, P. Edmondson, C. Parish, T. Koyanagi, T. Colling, T.S. Byun, J. Reiser, M. Rieth

What Must FNSF Do? Missions and Metrics

M.S. Tillack, QED
Discussion: PFC/PMI and SOL/Divertor Modeling

C.E. Kessel, PPPL

Discussion: Thermo-mechanics approaches and plans for the blanket and divertor

C.E. Kessel, PPPL
Discussion: FNSF Program and Testing

C.E. Kessel, PPPL
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