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FESS FNSF Meeting Oct 2016

FESS FNSF Meeting October 2016

October 4-6, 2016

FESS FNSF Face-to-Face Meeting
PPPL, Princeton NJ

Tuesday, October 4

Presentation Title 


Logistics and where are we in the FNSF project    

C.E. Kessel, PPPL 
Liquid Metal MHD analysis progress
Sergey Smolentsev, UCLA
Hot Cell Definition and Test Module Design and Maintenance Timeline Assessment    

Lester Waganer, DOE Consultant
Nuclear Analysis

Andrew Davis, Moataz S. Harb, L. El-Guebaly, Paul P.H. Wilson, and Ed Marriott,
UW Madison
Vacuum Pumping System DiscussionW. Blanchard, PPPL
RF Launchers

G.M. Wallace

Discussion / Review of FNSF, Missions, Decisions, etc.   


Wednesday, October 5

SOL / Divertor Plasma Analysis

T.D. Rognlien and M.E. Rensink, LLNL
Disruption and Transients

Jake Blanchard and Carl Martin, UW Madison

Y. Huang (UCLA), A. Ramasubramanian, M.S. Tillack, N.M. Ghoniem
Advanced First Wall Concepts for FNSF

M.S. Tillack, Y. Huang, N.M. Ghoniem, QED and UCLA
Magnets progressYuhu Zhai, PPPL

Tungsten Developments        

L.M. Garrison, ORNL

Core Physics, Moderate and Minimal / Maximal FNSF Systems

C.E. Kessel, PPPL

Thursday, October 6