Liquid Metal PFC Kickoff Meeting - Feb 2017

FESS FNSF Meeting February 2017

February 14-16, 2017

FESS FNSF Face-to-Face Meeting
Germantown, MD

Presentation Title 


FESS - Liquid Metal Plasma Facing Components Systems Study    

C.E. Kessel, PPPL 
FESS LM PFC System Study W.K. Hollis, C. Taylor, LANL
ALPS/APEX studies of liquid wall interactions with boundary plasmas: A Summary ~2000-2002

T.D. Rognlien, LLNL
Liquid metal and liquid metal flow choices
M. Jaworski, PPPL 
Substrate materials
M. Jaworski, PPPL 
Tritium Extraction and Process System Technology        

D. Babineau, SRNL
What is the Loading Environment for PFCs, solids and LMs?   C. Kessel, J. Rapp, and T. Rognlien
Liquid Metal and Tritium Safety Issues
P. Humrickhouse, B. Merrill, L. Cadwallader, S. Reyes - INL
Tritium Aspects of the Fusion Nuclear Science Facility
P. Humrickhouse, B. Merrill - INL 
FNSF Configuration, Core Plasma Physics & Systems       
C.E. Kessel, PPPL  
Transients in Liquid Metal PFCs
J. Blanchard, UWM
Overview of FNSF Maintenance Logic and Plans        

L. Waganer, DOE Consultant

LM hardware design and concepts 
N. Morley, UCLA 
RF Actuators on FNSF    

G. Wallace
Parametric studies of LM PFC hardware concepts    A. Khodak, PPPL 

APEX and ALPS Summary
N. Morley, UCLA
Materials Program Support for the FNSF Project

A. Rowcliffe, Y. Katoh, L. Garrison, L. Tan, Y. Yamamoto
MHD/heat transfer considerations for LM free-surface flows in fusion cooling applications 

S. Smolentsev, UCLA 
Approaches and designs for free-surface LM PFC    

S. Smolentsev, UCLA  
Numerical models/approaches/codes to simulate LM free-surface flows for fusion cooling applications

S. Smolentsev, UCLA 
Liquid metal PFCs and factors favoring lithium     D. Majeski

MHD and Free-Surface Simulations

A. Khodak, PPPL 
Recirculating fast flow concept

D. Majeski, E. Kolemen, M. Hvasta
Brainstorm Impacts of LM PFCs on FNSF