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Liquid lithium divertor system for fusion reactor
Y. Nagayama          496 KB
Progress on the modeling of liquid metal, free surface, MHD flows for fusion liquid walls

N.B. Morley, S. Smolentsev, R. Munipalli, M.-J. Ni, D. Gao, M. Abdou1 MB
Modeling infinite/axisymmetric liquid metal magnetohydrodynamic free surface flows

N.B. Morley, S. Smolentsev, D. Gao417 KB
A fusion reactor design with a liquid first wall and divertor

R.E. Nygren, T.D. Rognlien, M.E. Rensink, S.S. Smolentsev, M.Z. Youssef, M.E. Sawan, B.J. Merrill, C. Eberle, P.J. Fogarty, B.E. Nelson, D.K. Sze, R. Majeski           1 MB
Design integration of liquid surface divertorsR.E. Nygren, D.F. Cowgill, M.A. Ulrickson, B.E. Nelson, P.J. Fogarty, T.D. Rognlien, M.E. Rensink, A. Hassanein, S.S. Smolentsev, M. Kotschenreuther    786 KB
Thermofluid modeling and experiments for free surface flows of low-conductivity fluid in fusion systems

S. Smolentsev, N. Morley, B. Freeze, R. Miraghaie, J.-C. Nave, S. Banerjee, A. Ying, M. Abdou   510 KB
Open-surface MHD flow over a curved wall in the 3-D thin-shear-layer approximation

S. Smolentsev, M. Abdou486 KB
Measurements and modeling of D, He and Li sputtering of liquid lithium   

J.P. Allain, D.N. Ruzic, M.R. Hendricks147 KB
D, He and Li sputtering of liquid eutectic Sn-Li    

J.P. Allain, D.N. Ruzic, M.R. Hendricks    93 KB
Surface composition of liquid metals and alloys

R. Bastasz, J.A. Whaley471 KB
Plasma-surface interactions on liquids

R. Bastasz, W. Eckstein245 KB
Erosion/redeposition analysis of lithium-based liquid surface divertors

J.N. Brooks, T.D. Rognlien, D.N. Ruzic, J.P. Allain218 KB 
Free surface stability of liquid metal plasma facing componentsP. Fiflis, M. Christenson, M. Szott, K. Kalathiparambil, D.N. Ruzic1 MB
Liquid-metal plasma-facing component research on the National Spherical Torus Experiment

M.A. Jaworski, A. Khodak, R. Kaita820 KB
Implications of convective scrape-off layer transport for fusion reactors with solid and liquid walls

M. Kotschenreuther, T. Rognlien, P. Valanju321 KB
Safety implications of CLiFF liquid metal first walls 

B.J. Merrill, D.-K. Sze, H.Y. Khater, E.A. Mogahed243 KB
Interactions between liquid-wall vapor and edge plasmas

T.D. Rognlien, M.E. Rensink 127 KB 
On the exploration of innovative concepts for fusion chamber technology 

M.A. Abdou, The APEX TEAM, A. Ying, N. Morley, K. Gulec, S. Smolentsev, M. Kotschenreuther, S. Malang, S. Zinkle, T. Rognlien, P. Fogarty, B. Nelson, R. Nygren, K. McCarthy, M.Z. Youssef, N. Ghoniem, D. Sze, C. Wong, M. Sawan, H. Khater, R. Woolley, R. Mattas, R. Moir, S. Sharafat, J. Brooks, A. Hassanein, D. Petti, M. TIllack, M. Ulrickson, T. Uchimoto 9 MB 
Liquid-Metals Handbook: A Guide to the Use of Liquid Metals as Heat-Transfer Media 

 R. Lyon (ORNL)25 MB
Alkali Metal Handling and Systems Operating Techniques  J.W. Mausteller, F. Tepper, S.J. Rodgers, MSA Research Corporation11 MB

Liquid Metal Solubility Papers