LM PFC Meeting - March 2018

LM PFC Meeting - March 2018

March 20-21, 2018

FESS FNSF Face-to-Face Meeting
Germantown, MD

March 20, 2018

Liquid Metal Embrittlement - J. Blanchard (UWM)

Worst-Case Evaporation Rates - J. Blanchard (UWM)

Neutronics Update for a Liquid Metal FESS - T. Bohm and the CNERG team (UW FTI)

MELCOR Simulations and Property Data - S. Yoon, P. Humrickhouse, and B. Merrill (INL)

Impurity Removal - M. Hvasta (PPPL)

Liquid metal compatibility results - B. Pint, J. Jun (ORNL)

March 21, 2018

Tritium Plant - K. Hollis (LANL)