Systems Studies Activity on FNSF: Missions and Metrics

The Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF) is a name applied to the first fully nuclear fusion device.  It would precede and provide the technical basis for a demonstration power plant (DEMO), and may be in parallel with or follow the ITER burning plasma experiment.   This device can have a range of possible mission elements, varying in the extent of plant integration and system performance and, correspondingly, cost and risk.  At a minimum, any FNSF option would likely feature long-pulse, high duty-factor DT plasma operation, tritium breeding, and neutron wall loads of 1-2 MW/m2, providing a realistic fusion plasma environment for testing materials and components that interact with the plasma and its fusion products. The mission space could extend to power plant-prototypical, net electricity generating facilities such as those being planned in Europe, China, Japan, and S. Korea.

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Two recent reports have addressed the R&D activities that are required to move toward the FNSF at some level of detail.  

  1. Fusion Nuclear Science Pathways Assessment (
  2. Material Science and Technology Research Opportunities Now and in the ITER Era (