U.S./JA Workshop March 2017

U.S./Japan Workshop March 2017

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Agenda (ver. 4)    

Overview of Design and R&D for the Helical Fusion Reactor FFHR-d1

A. Sagara (NIFS) 
Overview of DEMO Design Activity by the Joint Special Design Team

K. Tobita (QST)
Overview of the Fusion Nuclear Science Facility, and New Liquid Metal PFCs Study

C.E. Kessel, PPPL & the FESS Team
Discussion on DEMO Operation Plan in Japan
R. Hiwatari (QST) 
Design Window and Cost Analysis of the Helical Fusion Reactor
T. Goto (NIFS) 
FNSF Systems StudiesC.E. Kessel, PPPL & the FESS Team
Recent Physics Design on Japanese DEMO
Y. Sakamoto (QST) 
Ion Heating through Equipartition Process and the First Results of High-Ti Experiments with Deuterium in LHD
H. Takahashi (NIFS) 
Recent Status of Power Exhaust Study and Divertor Design for Japan DEMO
N. Asakura (QST) 
Physics Strategy, Core Plasma Physics and SOL/Divertor Physics 

C.E Kessel, PPPL & the FESS Team
Study on Ion Temperature Anisotropy in SOL Plasmas with a Virtual Divertor Model 

Y. Ogawa (Univ of Tokyo), S. Togo (Univ of Tsukuba) and T. Takizuka 
Energy Dissipation by Vapor Shielding during Transient Loads 

K. Ibano (Osaka Univ) 
A Review of Recent Studies on Particle Recycling from Liquid Metals under Steady State Plasma Bombardment
Y. Hirooka, H. Bi (NIFS) 
Hydrogen Isotopes Transport in Liquid Metals under Steady State Plasma Bombardment 

H. Bi, Y. Hirooka (NIFS) 
REVOLVER-D: The Ergodic Limiter/Divertor of Molten Tin Shower Jets for FFHR-d1 and c1 

J. Miyazawa (NIFS) & the FFHR Design Group 
A Conceptual Design for a Liquid Metal Divertor

R. Majeski, T. Brown, M. Hvasta, E. Kolemen, J. Menard (PPPL) 
Electrode-free Actively Convected Liquid Metal Divertor  

M. Shimada (QST) 
Liquid Metal PFC Thermo-mechanics   
A. Khodak (PPPL) 
Advanced First Wall Concepts for High Heat Flux in the FNSF   
M.S. Tillack (QED), Y. Huang, N.M. Ghoniem (UCLA) 
Benefits and Challenges of Liquid Metal Plasma Facing Components
R. Majeski (PPPL)
Heat Flux Mitigation and Maintenance Issues of the Helical-Divertor for the Helical Fusion Reactor FFHR
N. Yanagi (NIFS) 
New Model Development in FW Heat Load Analysis 

Y. Miyoshi (QST) 
Investigation on the Magnetic Field Distortion by Ferromagnetism of the Blanket for the Helical Fusion Reactor
X. Ji (NIFS/ASIPP), N. Yanagi, T. Goto, Hitoshi Tamura, J. Miyazawa, A. Sagara (NIFS); S. Wang, M. Qi, Y. Song (ASIPP)
Blanket Analysis for the FNSF: LiPb Breeder, Thermo-Mechanics, Thermal Hydraulics, and Tritium

M. Tillack (QED); Y. Huang, N. Ghoniem, S. Smolentsev (UCLA); P. Humrickhouse (INL); E. Marriott, A. Davis (UWM)
Estimation of MHD Heat Transfer Degradation for Thermal Design Utilizing Molten Salt Coolants
Y. Yamamoto (Univ of Yamanashi), T. Kunugi (Kyoto Univ) 
Planned and Unplanned Transients in PFCs 
J. Blanchard (UWM) 
FNSF Magnets: TF Winding Pack - Wire & CICC Design 
Y. Zhai (PPPL) 
Design of Support Structure for the Magnet System of FFHR-d1
H. Tamura (NIFS) 
Conceptual Design for Remote Maintenance on Japanese DEMO
H. Utoh (QST) 
Detailed Thermo-mechanics and Accident Modeling for Blanket Modules

A. Khodak, X. Cheng (PPPL)
Neutronics Analysis on the Blanket of the Helical Fusion Reactor FFHR-d1 

T. Tanaka (NIFS)
Neutronics Approaches for DEMO Conceptual Design
Y. Someya (QST)