U.S./JA Workshop October 2015

Presentation Title Presenter(s)
Recent Japanese Activities for DEMORyoji Hiwatari and Fusion Reactor System Gr in JAEA
The 3rd Round Design and R&D for the Helical Fusion Reactor FFHRAkio Sagara, T. Goto, N. Yanagi, H. Tamura, J. Miyazawa, T. Tanaka, J. Yagi, M. Tokitani, and the FFHR design group
FNSF Safety and Tritium Systems Modeling Status and PlanPaul Humrickhouse and Brad Merrill
A Schedule for the Start-up of FNSFKenneth Young and Chuck Kessel 
IAEA DEMO Programme Workshops--Lessons LearnedHutch Neilson and Elizabeth Surrey
FNSF MHD Analysis of LiPb Thermofluids in DCLL Sergey Smolentsev

FNSF CAD Layout Development

Edward Marriott and Laila El-Guebaly

FNSF Nuclear Analysis and Blanket and Materials Testing Strategy

L. El-Guebaly, S. Malang, A. Rowcliffe, L. Waganer (contributors: C. Kessel, Y. Zhai, E. Marriott, M. Harb, J. Green, A. Davis, B. Madani, M. Elias)

FNSF Magnet Choices & Design ApproachYuhu Zhai, Peter Titus, Charles Kessel, and Laila El-Guebaly
FNSF Challenges and New Directions for Tungsten PFCs

L.M. Garrison, Y. Katoh, L.L. Snead, N. A. P. Kiran Kumar, P. Edmondson, C. Parish, T. Colling, T.S. Byun, J. Reiser, M. Rieth 

Some Technical Issues: Discussion 
Heat Flow Issues for Helium Cooled DivertorT. Yokomine
Numerical Simulation of the Divertor Power Handling in 8-m Sized DEMO

K. Hoshino, N. Asakura, S. Tokunaga, K.Shimizu, Y. Homma

Guidance for the FNSF Design to Demonstrate Relevant Maintenance ApproachesLester Waganer

Strategy of Fusion Energy Development and

Fusion Reactor Designs in Japan – Past, Now and Future –

Yuichi Ogawa
Plasma Scrape-off Layer and Divertor Modeling for FNSFM.E. Rensink and T.D. Rognlien
FNSF Project: Where Are We?C. Kessel
FNSFDesign Integration and Thermomechanics    

M. S. Tillack, with contributions from C. E. Kessel and S. Malang

The Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF), the First Step in the Path to Fusion Power Production

C. Kessel

Estimation of Tritium Permeation Behavior

in Solid Breeder Blanket

Kazunari Katayama

Optimization of Magnetic Configuration and HTS Magnet Design for the Helical Fusion Reactor

N. Yanagi , T. Goto, J. Miyazawa, H. Tamura, T. Tanaka, S. Ito, Y. Terazaki, S. Hamaguchi, T. Mito, H. Hashizume, and A. Sagara
FNSF Thermo-Mechanics and Multi-Physics Approach 

Presented by: Yue Huang. Contributors: Nasr M Ghoniem & David Rivera, Mark Tillack, Jake Blanchard, Laila El-Guebaly & Edward Marriott, Mohamed Wasfy, Chuck Kessel, and Siegfried Malang.

FW and Divertor Thermomechanics; Disruptions;Ferromagnetics    Jake Blanchard and Carl Martin